• I am at Disrupt Europe 2013 – Berlin, Germany
    If you are there too, say hello. I will stop by the Hackathon on Sunday and judge the Battlefield on Monday. Tweet @thomask to setup some time with me.
  • AngelList Feature Gives Investors "Ready-Made Startup Portfolio"
    AngelList Classes really exciting for investors. Investing in an entire class is like investing in a mutual fund: lower returns, but a lot more security. “.@AngelPad founder @Thomask said he raised more than $1 million in additional seed funding for his accelerator’s current batch of companies in about two weeks using @AngelList Classes”
  • Apply to AngelPad Fall of 2013
    I’ve extended the deadline by a few days. A lot of founders @angelpad tell me that they did not think an accelerator is for them, but applied anyway. Once they met us, they changed their mind :)
  • I will be @Techcrunch Disrupt Berlin
    I am judging the TC Battlefield on Monday and hope to find a few good companies to join @angelpad in NYC this fall. Looking forward to being back in my university town – it’s been too long …
  • Discussion with Accel VC Partner Rich Wong (video)
    @RWong is an amazing mobile investor – @mopub (@angepad 2010), @rovio @admob – listen to what he has to say.
  • How to create a killer incubator application videos
    @crittersicm’s @angelpad application video is a great example of what to say to get to the next step of the application process. Andrew (Crittersism’s CEO) went through YC with his previous startup before applying to AngelPad (Spring 2011).
  • Tweet about the AngelPad application
    Can you tweet that we are looking for awesome companies?
  • Apply to AngelPad Fall 2013
    AngelPad is accepting applications for its first session in New York City (Nov-Feb 2014). If you’re ready to launch your company, we want to hear about your team and vision. The teams, joining AngelPad Fall 2013, will follow an intense 10 weeks mentoring program in our New York office. We will travel to San Francisco multiple times throughout the program.
  • New Fundraising Rules will Hurt Startups
    You may have heard that there are new proposed rules for startups to fundraise more publicly. This is AWESOME, but the SEC suggested some changes that will make it actually a lot more difficult. Like … — Startups must notify the SEC 15 days before they publicly discuss raising money. — Startups must file documents with the SEC every time they update their offering materials. — Startups must include legal boilerplate every time they talk about their financing publicly. This is just not feasible and it will hurt startups. Our friends at AngelList have put together a site to explain it all. Please get involved and tell the SEC what you think.
  • The 7 Questions A Startup Should Answer in their Fund Raising Pitch
    Everything Tom writes is worth reading