Xconomy Q&A with Thomas Korte: “Changing the Way We Start Companies”

The entire interview is published here: “Changing the Way We Start Companies”: Q&A with AngelPad’s Thomas Korte

Incubator 2.0, is really in large part a [a reflection of the] failure of engineering and business schools to actually teach people how to start companies and to actually teach MBAs how you really do start companies. Nobody writes a business plan anymore, no one does a five-year forecast.

Of course raising money is part of the life cycle of a company, but it’s much more about being part of an environment where other smart people operate, they tackle big problems, they challenge each others’ assumptions, and having access to all these mentors who are going to help you through the process. When you have smart people with good ideas and big visions, the money comes.

Starting a technology company is not about making all the right decisions, it’s about making more right decisions than wrong decisions, and realizing them very early on and doing it very fast over and over and over again.